Getting The Ideal Makita Construction Site Radio

Doesn’t a job feel more enjoyable when you have some music to fill the atmosphere with melody and liveliness? With the advanced improvement in technology every day, you no longer have to rely on that outdated tape splattered radio to pump out your favorite tunes. Yes! It is possible to have a radio that resists the toughness of your jobsite. You can now enjoy high quality audio from a construction site radio that perfectly fits in the construction area just like your most essential tools in your toolbox.


Any makita baustellenradio (makita construction site radio) is ideal for you with its impressive reception and unbeatable portability. However, considering the large number of jobsite radios available, you might get spoilt for choice. In essence, we all want a jobsite radio whose music outweighs the noise at the construction site but at the same time withstands the shrapnel of debris that might rocket toward it.

What to consider when going for a construction site radio

Our specifications in what we exactly want will differ from each other. This is why you need to weigh out your own considerations.

Durability: Is your jobsite radio fitted with a strong outer casing, plastic or rubber? If your construction site is open or prone to water and dust, ensure the radio is rated against dust and water. It’s not going to exactly withstand a heavy downpour but a water resistant radio will be fine in occasional light showers.

Power: it’s recommended for the radio to have rechargeable batteries in case you are not sure you can get access to a power outlet in your construction site. The capacity of the radio is also a factor to put in place. You might want one that supports your older NiMH batteries.

Power outlet: Is it possible to charge your mobile phone or iPod while you listen to the radio? A dead phone battery is really inconveniencing especially in a working station where you don’t have power at your disposal. Think about going for a construction site radio that will save you from this power nuisance.

Compatibility: If you really love your music, you will want to take your mp3 player or iPod with you wherever you go. If this defines you, opt for a radio that supports music from your iPod or mp3 player. You might also want to play mp3 files from a memory or USB stick. You radio would need to have the necessary drives for compatibility.

Convenience: You would not want to leave your iPod or mp3 player lying around the radio while you play music from it. There is high risk of damage in the construction site. Your radio should have a safe compartment to keep your iPod or mp3 player while you enjoy the music.

The Makita BMR100W Cordless FM/AM radio is highly rated and deemed the best jobsite radio from Makita in the market. Surprisingly, it’s also the most affordable. Besides offering you a strong addition to your toolbox, it doesn’t take up much space or add unbearable weight. It does not come with a charger for your Makita batteries but this is well compensated by its ability to use new or old Makita batteries for power. It’s mp3 compatible and a fully charged Makita 18V LXT battery guarantees 16 hours of playtime with this radio. So what are the benefits of getting the best Makita construction site radio?


With a striking price of just about $ 75, this is the most affordable complete-featured jobsite radio you can get. Makita is committed to delivering specialty power brands and of all the six radios, this is the most affordable.


This radio from Makita comes with a remarkable quality of being light and compact. It’s just 9 pounds heavy and the size of a 2 gallons jug. This assures of an effortless fit in your trunk after a tiresome working day.

Quality sound

Besides being a 10 channel FM/AM tuner, it’s mp3 compatible for smarphone or mp3player music. With the outstanding audio quality, the blast of the music will easily be heard across the construction site. The bass boost is also incredible considering its size.


It is well modeled for roughness of any jobsite. It guarantees protection against penetration of water splashes and dust. The casing is sturdy enough to withstand a hit from a dropping tool.

The sound level of Makita radios is more than the mere adequate unless you are working with ear plugs on. The functionality is fine and the design is nice. With Makita brands, you are assured of trusted durability.